"My time in this place is determined both by destiny and freewill. Destiny provides the general direction with a few surprises along the way. Freewill allows me to make changes and edit my lifepath, sometimes with interesting results that force destiny to act and safeguard the rest of the story. There is a higher hand at work, always." 


’Segun Olude runs a collaborative graphic design studio, teaches graphic design. His professional portfolio includes a 10-year dossier of teaching graphic design at the University of Manitoba, while also producing various editorial and magazine design, corporate identities, web design, commemorative postage stamps for Canada Post, local and international event branding, including the event branding and publicity materials for TEDxWinnipeg.

‘Segun is connected to various professional and community organisations in Canada. He participates annually in community development missions with his wife, and also teaches professional development seminars in Canada and Nigeria. An engaging presenter, he is often called upon to make presentions or to speak about design, human rights, immigration, multiculturalism, and a range of other topics.

‘Segun is an avid photographer.